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Local website marketing is very important to maintaining a presence on the web and to the prospects of your business.

Even for small businesses who work in industry sectors that didn’t have to previously rely on marketing.

This is because many people search for the businesses they require on the web first, even when buying locally.

Everyone should now concern themselves with lead generation. Something that may have been the sole responsibility of the sales industry in the past, now applies to the local plumber and auto mechanic as well.

Failure to invest in local website marketing may mean that your firm gets left behind, as you slip further and further down the search engine ranking and out of the public’s consciousness.

How many people search online for a local business, is there an exact figure?web design photo

A Kelsey Group study has indicated that a massive 97% percent of people now search online for local businesses. And this study seems to confirm what many people already knew.

If you think back to when you last required a service from a local business, did you search through a paper business directory or a newspaper? Or did you look on the web with a search engine? The chances are that you used a search engine.

This means that obtaining a good ranking in the most commonly used search engines is very much the key to success.

This can be done by building lead generation websites. These are websites that are specifically designed to drive traffic towards your business, using search engine optimization techniques.

The content of these websites is not only specific and relevant to your business, but also your location.

It can also be done by running a coordinated text message campaign. Almost all of us carry a smart phone, and text messages are a perfect, unobtrusive way of gaining people’s attention and generating leads for your local business.

With local website marketing that’s tailored for your business using SEO and text message marketing, you can drastically improve your sales, and as a result; your business prospects.

Let us help you make a splash, and make it stick.web design photo

Now, with your own Content Management System (CMS), you’re in the driver’s seat and have full control of all your content on your website.

The updates you make to your website are instantaneous. No more waiting for a company to make updates to your website for you. And no more hassle of checking to see if the updates have been made.

The bottom line: You’re in control, you save time, and you save money.

We are web designers in Fort Myers FL and Southwest Florida.

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