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A marketer will do their best to present complex ideas and products to potential consumers in a fast and simple manner.

However, the problem is, most consumers don’t have the patience to read through text, paragraph by paragraph, to get the idea of the service or product being offered. When that happens, your business fails to get it’s message delivered.

That’s where the idea of whiteboards and business explainer or promotional videos come in. Every business, whether big or small, needs a format to engage potential customers .

So, if you’re still using text or banner ads to try convey an important message to your audience, you’re really missing out. You should keep reading to find out how promotional videos or custom whiteboards are helping others gain an edge in competitive online advertising.

Market Your Business Using Videovideo photo

The old adage of a picture’s worth of a 1000 words is true. But there’s a better way of improving that value. If the images are being presented in the form of custom whiteboards, topographical videos, animation or cartoon clips, then your prospects will also be entertained while watching and listening to your business presentation.

We Help Businesses like you; this is what we do best

In the past, it was difficult to attract new customers using conventional modes of putting up short video ads. The problem was, it took a lot of time and effort to create world-class video clips that were designed in HD, prices kept small business from being able to afford this type of advertising.

That has changed with the evolution of more affordable software that can do most of the work that took an animator days to draw.
So now, you can present your business to new customers using video without a huge investment. We can take our own hand drawn images or your images and present them in a video that’s hard to stop watching. That’s the whole idea, is to keep people interested though to the end.

Why You Should Use Marketing Tech Mediavideo photo

1. Timely Delivery of Customized Videos

A ‘’professional Video Producer’’ would take days to make it ready. That’s not the case with us, because we value your goals and time. Whether it’s an explaining video for a short commercial, sales letter or presentation, our experienced team of video producers in Fort Myers FL will use the latest technology in video production to produced videos super-fast. You place your order with us, and we’ll go to work on it immediately.

2 We can Write the Video Script for You

Whiteboards that really engage feature top notch script and copy-writing for the potential customer to easily understand what they are seeing. Our team has these skills, and we get it right time and again!

3 Professional Voice Overs

We can provide a professional voice over for your video, no problem. We hire professionals who will deliver your message. This equals sales and branding for every video you put on the web.
Furthermore, we integrate all your promotional videos with relevant music and sound effects to make them lively and easy to understand.

4 We use Our Own Images

This means that you are safe from copyright issues when your marketing videos are done by us. When we say custom whiteboards and promotional videos, we mean they are 100% customized and unique to you alone.

5 High Definition Video Production

High quality video production in HD format is what we do best. We use state-of-the-art software and techniques to enable us to achieve high quality. These are quality whiteboard animation and promotional videos that are very easy to visualize and understand. This is the quality businesses need, especially when advertising on social media platforms.

6 Quality Work, Fair Pricing

Lastly, we understand that you need quality work done at a price that make sense. As you can see, we are among the most affordable solutions on the web. Look around, and you’ll realize that similarly-priced tasks compromise on quality for a ‘’fair price’’. This is not in line with our ethics, so rest assured that you’ll be safe with us.

Why Should You Use Video to Brand Your Business?

Just like a novel based on a movie, the majority of people who like the story video photoline will confess they would rather watch it than reading it. Reading simply demands more time and effort.

Promotional videos do the same. They are short, clear and concise! Your potential customers don’t have to go through a bunch of text to get the message. They want it now.

It’s about visual appeal with the same message being communicated in matter of seconds, or even a few minutes. If you’re able to achieve this, then you’re able to hold their attention, which improves your chances of them choosing you over your competitors.

Other reasons why short video ads are being utilized is the fact that they improve user experience on your site, other than just drawing them to your web page. The idea is, when they stay longer, they get to see things they might be interested in.

  • Differential
    Differentiate yourself from thousands of businesses that are still using old-school type of presentation that doesn’t convert.
  • Simplify
    You can make complex procedures plain and simple for people to understand. When they understand it, it means they can take the next step.
  • Impress
    You will impress your audience with unusually easy-to-understand promotional videos, and this will keep them longer on your website, thus reducing bounce-rate and increasing conversions.
  • Increase Sales
    Because such promotional videos use hand-drawn engagement to explain things, customers will most likely take action because they know how your business works.
  • Explain
    You have the power to explain all your products and services in a way that anyone has time for.

We are a video producer in Fort Myers FL, and we value those who approach us because they want to take their online marketing campaign to the next level.

If you have a vision to improve customer engagement on both social media and on your site, we are always there for you. Also, remember that our pricing is among the fairest you’ll ever get in the market. We are always trying to create a win-win situation for you and your customers.

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