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Website optimization has become an important aspect of internet marketing for local businesses. If you are not familiar with the letters SEO, they stand for search engine optimization. This is a service provided by professional internet marketing companies. They will examine your web page and extract keywords that relate to your business and the product or service you offer.SEO photo

This professional will use several methods to attract a search engine’s attention to index your website, and associate it with the words that relate directly to what you are selling. When a person is using a search engine and enters search terms that relate to your business, your website needs to place high in search results. This happens only when your site has been optimized by a marketing expert.

This process of optimization has become an important aspect of local marketing. Years ago this was not true. There was no need for a local company to rank high in a search engines. In fact, for a local business to even have a website was more of a novelty. It served little purpose.

All of this has changed, and the reason for the change has been a change in consumer behavior. People today are doing much of their shopping online. They look for customer reviews, price comparisons and other important aspects of shopping. At first, this was only for online business, but now, people are using search engines to find local products and services the way they would a yellow pages phone book years ago. What this means is that your local business needs to have a website, and this website must be visible to those using search engines.

If you have any doubt that this is true, then look at some of the numbers that have been gathered on Internet and local business.

* Google, the largest search engine on the Internet, claims that 73 percent of Internet use is linked to local activities.SEO photo

* The Kelsey Group has reported findings that show more than seventy percent of households in the United States are now searching for local products and services on the web.

* TMP/ComScore released a study showing that 86 percent of all people using the Internet had used it at least one time in the past year to look for a local product or service.

* Studies show that people are even moving to the internet for news versus using their local newspaper.

There are many local marketing techniques that can be effective in increasing your sales, and you should not give up using them. The idea to keep in mind is, the importance of a local marketing expert to for your business in today’s economy, and that you need to integrate it with your other marketing efforts. This has to be done in order to remain competitive in the future. In some cases, you may find yourself with a competitive advantage, as your competitors may be slow to catch on to the importance of internet search engines.

Marketing Tech Media, a local business marketing firm, can give you the help you need to make sure your website gets the placement in search results that it needs. We work with businesses in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and Naples Florida.

We can help your business connect with customers online.SEO photo

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No matter if you’re in Naples or Fort Myers, we can offer you effective local online marketing that will help you target a regional population looking for the services you provide.
A local marketing consultant is someone who specializes in establishing a better branding and visibility for your online business in the local market.

With the application of local marketing as an integral part of online business promotion, lots of local businesses are starting to see the full advantages and the importance of their rankings in the local market.

Based on statistics, 75% of your customers are using the search engines to search for your products and/or services. And if they can’t find your business on the local searches, they are more likely to find your competitors instead.

Due to this, it is very essential to opt for the services of a local marketing consultant to create an online presence for your business.

Someone that specializes in local marketing has a solid background and knowledge about the local market, knows which type of people to market, and what type of promotional methods to perform.

Among the main services that a local marketing consultant includes:

– SEO (search engine optimization)

– SEM (search engine marketing)

– PPC advertising (pay-per-click)

– website design

– social media marketing

– local business listings

Based upon your target local market, we would create and implement your marketing strategy to enable you to reach your customers without taking time away from your business.

A local marketing consultant knows the area and resources to do your advertising. The best thing about this is you can meet personally with the  staff.

We can craft unique, fresh content for your web pages that increases traffic to your site from locals who have a need for your service or products.

Our search engine optimization is just one of many local internet marketing services we offer.

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