Has your business gone mobile?

The internet revolution has brought about dynamic changes in the business world. A lot of businesses and customers are now seeking the internet as a means to market and search for products respectively.

The internet, with its multifaceted capabilities, has augmented it’s applicability by businesses in their bid to outdo each other in search for customers beyond unimaginable levels. It is now common to find virtual stores where everything from ordering, delivering, to payment is conducted through online means.

In the formulation of a marketing plan, a business must therefore take into consideration the various changes that have been brought about by technology.

In contrast to the earlier days when customers would literally hop from one store to the next in search of products, today’s customer has an easy time locating products, their prices and other important details concerning them in the comfort of their home. All that is required is internet access.

Customers search the internet where they can order a product at the click of a button and have it delivered within a short time. Businesses must include in their marketing plan an online means that allows customers to access their products. This requires development of a business website that allows customers to learn about and see their products and services.

Owning a business website is not a guarantee that your sales will go through the roof. You must ensure that your website is tailored to meet the needs of all customers. One way is ensuring that your website is adopted for mobile phones to increase traffic.

Smart Phones and Mobile Internet Access are Here to Stay.

  • Simplicity of use-Mobile websites are easy to use and navigate since information is arranged in a simplified and condensed manner. It is easier and faster for customers to make transactions which translate to your products and services moving faster.
  • Popularity-More and more customers worldwide use their mobile devices to access the internet. More than one-half of all products searches on the internet are conducted through mobile devices. Today, businesses cannot ignore their importance.
  • Higher search engine rankings-Websites that receive traffic from mobile phones receive higher search engine rankings.
  • Portability and 24 hour connectivity-People carry their mobile phones everywhere. They should be able to access your mobile website anytime. This enables businesses to connect with their customers every time regardless of where they are.
  • Faster speeds-Mobile websites load faster as they are designed specifically for mobile use. The connection speed is fast which means that customers experience less waiting.
  • Special features-Mobile websites have special Geo-mapping features that allow searches done by a mobile phone user, to connect to businesses within their geographical location. Other features include mobile optimized images, pages, links to the main website and tap-to-call.

If your business has not gone mobile, your customers are going to your competitor.

Don’t lose business, go mobile!

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Video marketing for business purposes is critical in today’s increasingly content-centered, video-driven digital landscape—and if you doubt it, simply consider a few of the following facts. A product is 144 percent more likely to sell if it has an accompanying product video; consumers who watch a video are 85 percent times more likely to make a purchase, right then and there, than whose who do not watch product videos. As such, it is vital to not only engage in video marketing, but to optimize your videos to ensure they are seen by as many potential clients and customers as possible.

Case Studies from Endless Leadz

This may sound easier said than done—but video marketing for business owners is far from an uphill battle or a lost cause. The marketing team at Endless Leadz has generated incredible success through video marketing. A few examples:

  • Conducting a quick search for “free Facebook ads” will take you directly to an Endless Leadz video, one that has amassed 1 billion hits and counting!
  • We have also won the #1 Google search engine ranking for “private school Budapest.”
  • Likewise, we have won search engine prominence for a client under the Google search term “epoxy flooring Ottawa.”

Surveying these Google rankings shows that it is indeed possible to win search engine visibility through strategic video marketing. Not only that, but these videos also reveal a few important tips and techniques that are important for video marketing for business.

Video Marketing and Local SEO

The first takeaway from these successful online video marketing endeavors is that video is not only great for general SEO, but for local SEO, as well. That’s why the geo-specific signifiers in these videos—mentions of Budapest and Ottawa—are so important. These companies are both trying to bring in local customers, so including these city names in the titles and descriptions of these videos is a must. That’s an important tip for any business seeking to capitalize on video marketing.

Actionable Content Imperative

Take a moment to check out the “free Facebook ads” video. It includes a number of statistics and compelling figures, all displayed in graph form. This is a great example of the kind of content that your video marketing endeavors should focus on—content that educated and informs, or else suggests specific plans of action. The bottom line is that your marketing videos should provide viewers with some steps they can take, right here and now, to put the content of your video into practice.


Calls to Action are Critical

Another thing you might notice in the “free Facebook ads” video is that it includes a clear call to action. The video ends with a strong admonition to call EndlezzLeadz.com today, and to inquire about Facebook ad services. A call to action is a crucial component in any sales copy, and that includes video content; you might also consider including a brief call to action in the written description of your video, as well as a link to your website or to a landing page.

Take Advantage of Different Channels

Another thing to notice: The videos in our three cases studies are posted to an array of sites and channels, including not just YouTube but also DailyMotion. There is some real merit to varying the online video platforms you use; YouTube may be the most popular, but you can cover more bases and reach more potential clients by spreading your content across a few different channels. Also worth noting is the pending launch of paid video channels on YouTube, which will provide some great opportunities for video marketing for business owners.

Video Marketing Can be Simple

A final point to make about the videos noted here is that, while all three look good and are professionally-done, none of them are particularly long, complicated, or expensive. In fact, all three of them are really as simple as business owners speaking to the camera, sharing their insights and their expertise. This is a key consideration for those interested in video marketing for business purposes: You don’t need a fancy film studio or an expensive camera crew—all you need is your own industry know-how and a desire to connect with viewers.
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